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CUPPa Coaching

Working 1-1 with a coach, in-person, for up to eight sessions, over a cuppa, you will:

• Figure out what changes you want to make

• Problem solve ways to overcome difficulties and move forward

• Identify what are the next steps to make this happen

• You may not have a goal in mind (and that’s okay!) your coach can help you to figure it out.

We call this process 'Going for a CUPPa'*


Here are some ideas...

• Getting to know yourself better

• Connecting with your potential

• Rediscovering what gives you joy

• Exploring your wellbeing

• Learning how to make a plan and take action





You can make an appointment to meet a coach once:

• You are eighteen years of age or over

• You experience mental health difficulties or you support someone in CHO7 who does


If you are interested call Threshold Training Network on 01-4940502, to make an appointment with a coach or find out more.

1. You will be given an appointment time to meet your coach (who has experience working with people with mental health difficulties) for a cuppa in Threshold Training Network.

2. At the meeting, you will find out more about the coaching process, explore how coaching could be of benefit to you and discuss what you might like to work on.

3. If you decide that coaching is for you and you want to make the time commitment now, your coach will make an appointment for your first session. Wellness Recovery Coaching Service


*'CUPPa' stands for Coaching Untapped Potential Project, and the small 'a', at the end is for small actions. By saying 'Untapped Potential,' we believe that everyone has what they need inside to make change possible.


Download the attached PDF and get in touch to find out more. 

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez



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