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Love Letters by Eric Hanson

I'd write love letters to the earth,

whisper them to the wind

Fold them into paper boats

And find a stream to sail them in

I'd write of beautiful sunrises,

Of the oranges and pinks

While I sit beside the seashore

Where the waves can smudge my ink

I'd write these words on paper

But for paper I need trees

Like many things mankind has made

But doesn't really need

And so our letters to the earth

Leave less love than they do scars

When we write them in our blinding light

That blocks out all the stars

So when writing letters to the earth

It's time that we rethink

Since we don't need a piece of paper

If the live we live's the ink

© Erin Hanson

#PoetryTTN #LookInside

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