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This Is Me Dazed & Confused by Angela Keegan

I wonder will I ever be,

Solid like an old oak tree

I wish that I could feel my roots

Rather than quaking in my boots

I wish that I could hold my ground

Rather than quaking to those around

I wish that I could push through mud

Rather than feeling not understood

I that I could stay hydrated

To avoid being stuck and a bit deflated

I wish that I could rely on a truck

When conflicts come and I feel in a slump

I wish that I had a bark that’s smooth

So when I react it doesn’t seem rude

I wish that I could savour the weather

Keeping it light, light as a feather

I wish that I could reach for the sky

Ignoring the self talk that wont let me try

I wish that I could let things go

Like leaves in the winter falling below

Every tree comes from a seed

My first step is, just to breathe

© Angela Keegan

March 13th 2018

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