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Cup of Gratitude

Studies have shown gratitude improves sleep quality, reduces stress, reduces loneliness, improves heart health, and improves your relationships. 

So join our Mental Health Recovery Coordination Keelin with a cuppa and start your day off with an air of appreciation by spending a couple of minutes reflection on what you’re grateful for to boost your mood and general health!

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Move your Mood

Over the past couple of months, many of us have had to stay home, study from home, work from home, and see friends online, from home. Lockdown has led to a significant reduction in physical activity, which negatively affects our physical and mental health. Moving less can result in mental fatigue, weight gain and health problems. 

By dedicating just five minutes a day to vigorous activity can positively impact both your physical and mental health!

This January tune in to our Mental Health Recovery Coordinator Keelin and Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Adrianna as they guide you through simple daily five-minute exercise and health challenges that will help move your mood in a happy and healthy direction!

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Gratitude Stroll

Getting out in nature improves our mood, improves our physical health and memory​ combine this with gratitude, and you've formed an incredibly healthy habit!

Take a moment to press pause with our Mental Health Recovery Coordinator Keelin and reflect on three things you are grateful for in the green space around you be it in your back garden or nearby park.

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